Bradley works 4 ten-hour days rather than the traditional

| April 13, 2018

Question 1.1.Bradley works 4 ten-hour days rather than the traditional 5 eight-hour days. What type of alternate schedule option has Bradley been using? (Points : 1) Flexible schedule Telecommuting Flex time Job sharingQuestion 2.2.Truman Electrics has decided to implement a bonus to all employees on the basis of the level of shrinkage in their inventory. How is Truman trying to reduce theft? (Points : 1) Implementing checks and balances Hire smarter Getting help from employees Being proactiveQuestion 3.3.Adam is a manager at Family Fun Recreation, and he wants to implement a new communication strategy within the organization that communicates key information and issues in a two-way format. Which of Clampitt’s communication strategies would you suggest? (Points : 1) Identify and Reply Tell and Sell Spray and Pray Underscore and ExploreQuestion 4.4.Ryan and Bryce together do the equivalent of one full-time job. What is this arrangement called? (Points : 1) Flexible schedule Telecommuting Job rotation Job sharingQuestion 5.5.Troy forgot to take his eyeglasses to work on Monday, and as a result, he could not read the figures that were being presented at a budget meeting that afternoon. This is an example of (Points : 1) negative feedback. psychosocial problems. noise. encoder problems.Question 6.6.Travis wants to assess whether the new product training he just launched was successful. How can he do that? (Points : 1) He can ask if the participants feel like they were adequately trained. He can “secret shop” the trained employees and see if they know their stuff. He can take customer surveys. Travis can do all of the above.Question 7.7.Which is not a source of diversity that can impact communication? (Points : 1) Interpersonal space Time Food ReligionQuestion 8.8.Becky is spreading rumors about a coworker with a malicious intent. What level of the HARM model does this behavior fall into? (Points : 1) Harassment Aggression Rage MayhemQuestion 9.9.Brendan is starting a conversation with a coworker. During which part of this communication are Brendan’s personal thoughts translated into words? (Points : 1) Encoding Decoding Perception Selecting a mediumQuestion 10.10.Bryce is using progressive discipline for one of his employees who is having a hard time getting to work on time. Which of the following is not included in the progressive discipline process that Bryce is working through? (Points : 1) Reprimanding Counseling Written warning Termination

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