Book chosen to write about: The Grapes of Wrath

| June 9, 2016

Research papers will have a body of seven to ten (7-10) pages. The paper must also have title page, outline, and Works Cited pages. The order of pages in the paper is title page, outline, body of paper, works cited.
The final Works Cited page will contain seven to eight (7-8) sources.The sources will be derived from appropriate books, periodicals, etc., to denote variety of sources used. Cliffs Notes, Masterplots, Monarch, Wikipedia are NOT appropriate sources. Each of the sources used in the Works Cited must be used at least once in the research paper.
You are to follow MLA format and documentation as described in your handbook.
Use direct quotations sparingly (no more than 25% of the paper).
Be sure topic is sufficiently limited.
All words should be spelled correctly and errors in sentence structure eliminated.
The level of diction should be formal (no slang, contractions, jargon, or technical terms without definition).
The paper should be well written and scholarly.
All borrowed information must be noted whether quoted or not
Must include a annotaded bibliography

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