Biostats SDS 328M Homework 6 Quiestion 1 (2015)

| August 30, 2017

Write your answers onto one or more separate sheets of paper. Clearly mark each sheet with your
name and your lab time.
Round all answers to at least 3 decimal places and assume, unless otherwise noted, that ?=0.05
1. According to a genetic model, the distribution of seed coat color in cultivated amaranth grains
in the second generation should be black:brown:pale in the ratio of 12:3:1. Geneticists
conducted a study to test this model and found a significant difference in color distribution (p <
0.05). They reported the following results in a journal article about their experiment:
Observed Proportions of Seed Coat Colors
Black Brown Pale
0.708 0.230 0.062
a. Which statistical test did they run to conduct this analysis? (1pt)
b. Write the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses. (2pt)
c. If you wanted to re-run the same analysis to confirm their results, what other information
would you need? (1pt)

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