BHP Billiton

| February 4, 2016

BHP Billiton

develop data that would assist in the investment decisions of a firm or client, consider the relevance of information and the type of information to provide to the firm or client, and show a broad knowledge of business valuation, both practice and theory, through your group’s development of estimates of the value of the firm .

Assignment 1, stock prices, price index, financial statements and a summary report of the assigned company will be able to be accessed using Thomson ONE Banker analytics,

provide estimates of the fundamental value of the company from a range of sources and make use of free cash flow and valuation methods based on valuation ratios as deemed relevant by your group’s members. In developing your estimates of value you will need to construct estimates of the weighted average cost of capital. To do this you will need to develop appropriate measures of the value of debt, equity and other components of the capital base for the company, as well obtaining or estimating appropriate measures of the required rate of return attached to each of these components of capital.

justify the estimates and provide support for valuations in the form of a short written report that includes a summary of the values derived for the company, the methods utilised in producing the valuations, and an associated Excel spreadsheet

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