| August 14, 2017

This assignment is to be done with one other classmate (teams of two students). Submit yourteam’s work using the Blackboard Assignment link for this assignment. Only one student needsto submit the assignment to Blackboard, but both students’ names must be on the assignment.All work should be done electronically; no handwritten and then scanned. Name your files usingthe convention “BBUS215 Team Assignment1 student_name1 student_name2.”The short report must be submitted as a Word document with the data graphics included in thedocument. You must also submit your Excel file so that I can see the work behind your graphicsas well as any analysis you may have done. Stan Marsh wears several hats at South Park Lumber, including process improvement teamleader, shipping manager, and assistant human resource manager. South Park Lumber makescedar fencing materials, employing about 160 people.Over 75% of the cost of the finished cedar fence boards is in the cedar logs the company buys onthe open market. Therefore, it is very important that the company get as much finished productas possible from each log. One of the most important steps in the manufacturing process isreferred to as the head rig. The head rig is a large saw that breaks down the logs into slabs andcants. The figure below shows the concept. From small logs with diameters of 12 inches or less,once cant and four or fewer usable slabs are obtained. From larger logs, multiple cants and foursslabs are obtained. Finished fence boards can be produced from both the slabs and the cants.At some companies, the head rig cutting operation is automated and the cuts are made based on ascanner system and computer algorithms. However, at South Park Lumber, the head rig isoperated manually by operators who must look at a log as it arrives and determine how best tobreak the log down to get the most finished product. In addition, the operators are responsible formaking sure that the cants are “centered” so that the maximum product can be gained from them.Recently, Stan headed up a study in which he videotaped 362 logs being broken down by thehead rig. All three operators, April, Sid and Jim, were involved. Each log was marked as to itstrue diameter. Then Stan observed the way the log was broken down and the degree to which thecants were properly centered. He then determined the projected value of the finished productfrom each log given the way it was actually cut. In addition, he also determined what the valuewould have been had the log been cut the optimal way. Data for this study is provided in the filecalled “South Park Lumber.”You have been asked to assist Stan by analyzing these data using graphs, charts, and tables asappropriate. He wishes to focus on the lost profit to the company and whether there aredifferences among the operators. Also, is there a difference in the operators’ performance? Ingeneral, he is hoping to learn as much as possible from this study and needs your help with theanalysis.Construct appropriate charts for analyzing the data, and generate a short, well­organized andneatly presented written report including narrative that provides and explains the graphs andcharts along with conclusions reached from analyzing the data.

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