| October 3, 2018

Course BBA-303 (1141-7098) BUSINESS MGMT FUNDAMENTALS (Spring 2014 S16) 02Test CH 15 QuizInstructions• Question 11 out of 1 points Logistics involves planning, implementing, and controlling the physical flow of materials, final goods, and related information from points of origin to points of consumption. • Question 21 out of 1 points Electronic retailing is selling goods and services over the Internet to the final consumer. • Question 31 out of 1 points A value of shipping by truck is that trucks can deliver small shipments to remote locations. • Question 41 out of 1 points Cash-and-carry wholesalers are limited-function wholesalers that serve mostly smaller retailers with a limited assortment of products. • Question 50 out of 1 points The main difference between storage warehouses and distribution warehouses is that storage warehouses are relatively small, specialized facilities used to store one particular type of good for short periods while distribution warehouses are large facilities used to store a wide variety of goods for longer periods of time. • Question 60 out of 1 points In the battle between electronic retailers and traditional “bricks and mortar” retailers, the electronic retailers seem to have all of the advantages needed to emerge as the clear winners. • Question 71 out of 1 points Barbara Dixon operates a small business out of her home. She makes a trip to a local Riteprice Office Supply about once a month to buy computer and office supplies for her business. The prices at the Riteprice are very low, but it does not offer credit or delivery services. Riteprice is a cash-and-carry wholesaler. • Question 81 out of 1 points A firm that makes wholesale sales cannot also legally make retail sales. • Question 90 out of 1 points The major disadvantage of multilevel marketing is that the high entry cost for most sellers means that only relatively wealthy individuals can use this approach. • Question 101 out of 1 points Hartselle Home Products, Inc., manufactures a variety of inexpensive household gadgets. The company has decided to cut costs by eliminating all of the marketing intermediaries who help distribute its products. Hartselle will be able to reduce its total marketing costs by eliminating the marketing functions these intermediaries perform. • Question 111 out of 1 points __________ warehouses are used to gather and redistribute products. • Question 121 out of 1 points ___________ would probably be distributed using an intensive strategy. • Question 131 out of 1 points When firms manage the return of goods from consumers either because they are defective or for recycling purposes, they are involved in: • Question 141 out of 1 points Discount stores, supermarkets, and department stores are all common types of: • Question 151 out of 1 points A(n) __________ sells general merchandise directly from the manufacturer at a discount; items may be discontinued or have certain product flaws.

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