(Bayer Health Care company) case

| November 24, 2016

(Bayer Health Care company) case



A. Defining the industry

B. Analyzing the structure of the industry


C. Explaining your firm’s corporate culture

1. Where major decisions are made

2. Who generates new ideas

3. Coordination and communication issues, if any


D. The threats described in the Five Forces model that the company faces from:

1. Industry competitors

2. Potential entrants into the industry

3. Substitute and complement goods or services


4. Bargaining power of suppliers

5. Bargaining power of buyers

E. The firm’s “co-opetition/value net”


F. The firm’s strategic moves/commitments that help to sustain its competitive advantage

G. Value provided to customers

1. Benefit (related to demand)

2. Costs (related to supply)


H. Strategic positioning in this market.

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