“Banning Large Sodas Is Legal and Smart”

| August 31, 2017

English class – must be 300 words must cite work.

Read Gostin’s “Banning Large Sodas Is Legal and Smart” and have Chapter 13 of Argument Today in mind. Particularly, in section 13.4 of the textbook, there is a discussion of the power of using a “plain, objective style.”

Find three examples in Gostin’s essay where he uses tone or concession (admitting that the other side DOES have some good points) to make his case. Also, given that this is online media, evaluate how Gostin uses graphics and videos to support his argument. How does this affect our perception of his article?

Does he use graphics and video to drive home the brunt of his argument or are they serving another purpose? Your initial post should be approximately 300 words

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