BAM 402 Public Relations Unit 1-4 MCQs

| August 14, 2017

1) Public relations .
A) is a form of propagandaB) involves two-way communicationC) is also known as “free advertising” D) All of the above.E) None of the above.
2) The process of researching, creating, and refining a product or service and distributing that product or service to targeted customers is called .
A) advertisingB) marketingC) public relationsD) All of the above.E) None of the above.
3) A profession is distinguished from a trade by .
A) the establishment of ethical standardsB) a form of licensing or government controlC) ongoing research in support of the professionD) A and BE) All of the above.
4) Organizations such as PRSA and IABC have sought to promote professionalism in public relations by .
A) requiring minimum competency tests for new practitionersB) demanding an increase in practitioner minimum salariesC) establishing voluntary accreditation programsD) filing lawsuits against unethical practitionersE) supporting government licensing of public relations
5) The execution phase of the public relations process is known as .
A) planningB) propagandaC) evaluation D) researchE) communication
6) According to a 2005 membership survey, the largest number of PRSA members are employed by .
A) trade/professional organizationsB) the government or the militaryC) public relations/advertising agenciesD) corporationsE) nonprofit organizations
7) The values-driven management of relationships between an organization and the publics that can affect its success is known as .
A) reputation managementB) the dynamic approach to public relationsC) values-added public relations D) values-driven public relations E) relationship building
8) The first question an organization should ask itself when developing a values statement is .
A) Why are we in business? B) What is in it for us?C) How can we win the respect of others?D) Why should be care about our customers? E) How much money do we want to make?
9) San Francisco-based Gap, Inc. .
A) was found guilty of engaging in unfair labor practices and of using foreign sweatshopsB) was forced to apologize for artificially raising the price of it blue jeansC) answered its critics by requiring fair labor practices among its overseas vendorsD) created phony shell corporations to cover its use of foreign sweatshopsE) B and D
10) Gap Incorporated’s Social Responsibility Report .
A) was an effort to live up to the company’s previously established corporate code of conductB) uncovered thousands of fair labor violations by its overseas suppliersC) detailed the company’s efforts to monitor the labor practices of its foreign vendorsD) All of the above.E) None of the above.
11) When public relations practitioners seek to maintain or improve relations with local special interest groups, they are engaged in .
A) investor relationsB) community relations C) employee relations D) media relationsE) consumer relations
12) When public relations practitioners communicate on behalf of churches, foundations, or hospitals, they are most likely employed in which category of public relations jobs?
A) independent public relations consultanciesB) corporationsC) governmentsD) nonprofit organizations and trade associationsE) public relations agencies
13) In which broad category of public relations jobs are practitioners least likely to have the term public relations included in their job titles?
A) governmentsB) public relations agenciesC) corporationsD) independent public relations consultanciesE) nonprofit organizations and trade associations
14) The United States Code has its greatest impact upon public relations practitioners in .
A) corporationsB) public relations agenciesC) nonprofit organizations and trade associationsD) independent public relations consultanciesE) governments
15) When trying to get that first job or internship, you should.A) send form letters to as many potential employers as possibleB) try to say as little as possible about your experienceC) ask where your desk will be locatedD) ask about salary and benefits in your application letterE) thoroughly research a potential employer before applying
16) According to Professor David Dozier, persons who make policy decisions and take responsibility for the success or failure of public relations programs are known as public relations
A) techniciansB) managersC) specialistsD) professionalsE) practitioners
17) Which of the following statements is true?
A) Corporate communicators earn the lowest salaries in public relations.B) On average, public relations technicians earn more money than public relations managers.C) On average, women practitioners earn more than men practitioners.D) All of the above.E) None of the above.
18) Fineman Associates Public Relations of San Francisco has become well known for .
A) presenting the Fineman Cup for Public RelationsExcellenceB) becoming the world’s largest public relations agencyC) compiling a list of the year’s worst public relations disastersD) winning the most public relations awards in historyE) paying the highest salaries among public relations agencies
19) When trying to getting that first internship or job, you should.
A) send a brief, typed thank-you letter after each interviewB) send an error-free application letter and resumeC) prepare for the job interviewD) all of the aboveE) none of the above
20) The most important event in the development of modern U.S. public relations is .
A) the Industrial RevolutionB) the Boston Tea PartyC) Crystallizing Public OpinionD) the ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of RightsE) the growth of public education
21) The Scopes Monkey Trial .
A) was a publicity stuntB) focused on Darwin’s theory of evolutionC) was a historic clash between science and religionD) All of the above.E) None of the above.
22) The so-called “Four Minute Men” .
A) are former track and field stars who now serve as PRspokespersonsB) were affiliated with the Creel CommitteeC) delivered patriotic messages during the First World WarD) A and B E) B and C
23) Which of the following is not mentioned as one of the five social trends that led to the development of modern public relations?
A) the expansion of democracyB) the growth of institutionsC) the growth of advocacyD) the aging of the Baby Boom generationE) the search for consensus
24) The First Amendment is important to public relations because it .
A) guarantees the right to voteB) created the concept of disclosure lawsC) included the “Declaration of Principles” D) established the right to free expressionE) limits the amount of federal money that can be used to pay a publicity expert
25) Early publicity shops met with limited success because
A) few understood what publicity wasB) they met stiff resistance from newspaper publishersC) credibility was a problemD) All of the aboveE) None of the above
26) Edward L. Bernays’ critics claimed that he .
A) was too self-promotional B) was a Nazi sympathizer C) was dishonestD) was sexistE) didn’t understand the plight of poor people
27) Doris Fleischman was the wife and influential business partner of .
A) Edward L. Bernays B) Ivy Ledbetter Lee C) George CreelD) George ParkerE) P.T. Barnum
28) This was the first nationwide grassroots fund raising campaign on behalf of medical research.
A) The Danny Thomas – St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital FoundationB) The Susan G. Komen Race for the CureC) The March of DimesD) The Great American Smoke-OutE) The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon
29) When you communicate with one public in an attempt to reach another public, the public with whom you are communicating is known as .
A) an intervening publicB) a secondary publicC) a primary public D) an aware public E) a latent public
30) A group whose values have come into contact with the values of your organization, but which has not realized it is known as
A) a secondary publicB) a primary public C) an aware public D) a latent publicE) an intervening public
31) A group that can directly influence your organization’s abilities to achieve its goals is known as .
A) a secondary publicB) a primary publicC) a latent publicD) an intervening publicE) an aware public
32) The notion that organizations rely on resources that are held by other groups is called .
A) external resource theoryB) resource dependency theoryC) coorientationD) codependency theoryE) external reliance theory
33) As a general rule, the news media in the United States.A) are a secondary, nontraditional, and latent publicB) must publish or broadcast all news releases that are given to themC) have done a good job of incorporating women and minorities into managementD) do not reflect the cultural diversity of their communitiesE) require government licenses to cover the news
34) Which of the following statements is/are true?
A) The number of federal government employees is rising.B) Less than half of federal government employees a satisfied with information they get from management.C) A majority of federal government employees say they are satisfied with their jobs.D) All of the above are true. E) All of the above are false.
35) is/are the most powerful force(s) in the U.S. economy.
A) Business expenditures B) Industrial expenditures C) Foreign investmentsD) Consumer spendingE) Government spending
36) When the Subway restaurant chain received complaints about a promotion in its German franchises highly critical of McDonald’s and American consumers, company officials
A) resignedB) asked for a federal government investigationC) defended the promotionD) continued the promotionE) disavowed knowledge of the promotion
37) The Whirlpool Corporation’s decision to supply household appliances to every home built by Habitat for Humanity is an example of .
A) a company acting on its valuesB) a great way to dispose of out-of-date inventoryC) corporate social responsibilityD) A and C E) B and C
38) The theory that some needs are more basic than others and, therefore, provide us with greater motivation than others is
A) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs B) Uses and Gratifications Theory C) Einstein’s Theory of Relativity D) The Agenda Setting Hypothesis E) Marsh’s Theory of Compliance
39) According to Abraham Maslow, is/are the most basic order(s) of needs people have.
A) safety needs B) acceptance C) self-esteemD) self-actualizationE) physiological needs
40) The purpose of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is to .
A) study the evolution of public opinionB) anticipate future trendsC) measure public opinionD) build persuasive messagesE) counteract Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
41) is what happens when a public debate leads to a consensus.
A) An already present mass sentimentB) An issueC) A social value D) Public opinion E) A social action

42) When public relations practitioners attempt to manipulate public opinion, they run the risk of losing their .
A) respectB) credibilityC) licenseD) innocenceE) accreditation
43) Communicating an idea in such a way that an audience is influenced, either intentionally or unintentionally, by the way it is expressed is known as .
A) coloring B) shading C) framing D) spinningE) manipulation
44) The main reason President Harry Truman did not realize that the Japanese government was interested in negotiating a peace settlement just before the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima is because .
A) the Japanese did not respond to the Potsdam DeclarationB) it was the weekendC) the Japanese sent him a message he couldn’t understandD) government bureaucrats in Washington misplaced the messageE) the Japanese Prime Minister was opposed to peace
45) The PRSA Member Code of Ethics is example of ethics code.
A) an organizationalB) a professional C) a societal D) a personal E) a voluntary
46) According to the authors of your textbook, the notion that public relations practitioners must choose between objectivity and advocacy is .
A) a misleading ethics debate based upon a false premiseB) called the Potter BoxC) a necessary evilD) rejected by all practitionersE) an example of the veil of ignorance
47) Virtual organizations are a challenge to ethical behavior because .
A) they don’t really existB) participants may have differing valuesC) they are multinationalD) they are illegalE) none of the above
48) The public relations practitioner’s role as a relationship manager .
A) resolves the misleading question of whether one should serve as an advocate or as an objective observerB) can involve the delivery of unpopular truthsC) can mean that sometimes it is necessary to be an advocateD) All of the above.E) None of the above.
49) Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative requires one to make ethical decisions as if .
A) it were a life or death situationB) we have reach the “Golden Mean of Enlightenment”C) there is a veil of ignorance descending upon the worldD) they would be applied as rules you want everyone else to followE) it’s the end of the world as we know it
50) Ethical considerations play an especially important role in step of the public relations process.
A) the research B) the evaluation C) the planning D) every E) the communication
51) Research that focuses on an organization’s reputation and products is .
A) evaluation researchB) client researchC) problem-opportunity researchD) stakeholder researchE) quantitative research
52) Which of the following has/have been identified as among the key components for evaluating relationships?
A) trustB) communal relationshipC) Q ratingD) A and BE) all of the above
53) Research that focuses upon measuring the effectiveness of a public relations plan is .
A) client researchB) stakeholder research C) evaluation research D) quantitative researchE) problem-opportunity research
54) The creation of the Policy Analysis Market (PAM) .
A) was criticized by many as a dumb ideaB) did not consider the reactions of key stakeholdersC) was based on successful scientific researchD) A and CE) All of the above.
55) The Brookhaven National Laboratory was careful in how it announced a scientific discovery because .
A) it didn’t want to be accused of trying to manipulate the congressional budget processB) the target audience probably wouldn’t understand its significanceC) it was concerned about a loss of federal fundingD) A and B E) A and C
56) The Brookhaven National Laboratory decided to announce a major discovery in nuclear physics .
A) at a news conferenceB) at a congressional budget hearingC) on televisionD) at a scientific conferenceE) in a news release
57) When someone tells you “We’ve always done things that way,” it is likely that person is following .
A) a logistical plan B) a standing plan C) a flexible plan D) an ad hoc planE) a contingency plan
58) Public relations practitioners engage in planning because
A) it helps an organization control its destinyB) it helps an organization to secure needed resourcesC) it keeps actions in line with an organization’s values-based missionD) A and CE) all of the above
59) According to the Institute for Public Relations, a good objective .
A) describes a specific public relations action B) is a general statement of anticipated results C) specifies only one target audienceD) is inexpensiveE) refers to “ends,” not “means”
60) Generalized statements of the outcomes you hope your plan will achieve are .
A) goalsB) tacticsC) brainstormingD) objectivesE) building consensus
61) PIPP, POST, and TASC are acronyms associated with .
A) evaluative researchB) team building C) a planning grid D) goal settingE) a situation analysis
62) A good plan is .
A) a win-win propositionB) realisticC) values-drivenD) all of the aboveE) none of the above
63) A pitch is directed toward .
A) investorsB) votersC) journalistsD) government regulatorsE) customers
64) What’s the best advice for a news conference?A) Don’t do it if alternatives such as a news release would work as well.B) Invite only media you know are friendly. C) Have refreshments for reporters.D) Have hot coffee on hand.E) Schedule it when all media can attend.
65) When executing a public relations plan, is/are among the key factors to be considered.
A) communication within the teamB) deadlinesC) quality controlD) All of the aboveE) None of the above
66) PACs .
A) are focus groups that test the worthiness of potential survey questionsB) are the same thing as lobbiesC) give money to political candidatesD) are prohibited by the United States CodeE) have little impact on the political process at the federal level
67) When conducting a news conference, it is a good idea to
A) limit the session to one hourB) begin with a prepared statementC) rehearse your presentersD) All of the aboveE) None of the above
68) According to the authors of your textbook, the writing process has something in common with .
A) the Agenda Setting Hypothesis B) Uses and Gratifications Theory C) Maslow’s Hierarchy of NeedsD) survey researchE) the communications grid
69) At which stage of the writing process must one overcome what is known as “the euphoria of creation”?
A) revisionB) evaluationC) organizationD) researchE) credibility
70) Writing for the web is different from writing for a printed page because .
A) computer users are more sophisticated than traditional print usersB) the Internet provides unlimited space for detailC) computer screens are harder to read than the printed pageD) A and B E) A and C
71) A Georgetown University medical professor accused pharmaceutical companies of .
A) misleading advertising of their productsB) encouraging professors to submit favorable ghostwritten journal articlesC) engaging in unethical public relations practicesD) A and C E) B and C
72) According to a survey cited in your textbook, what percentage of articles in top U.S. medical journals were ghostwritten?
A) 19 percent B) 46 percent C) 25 percent D) 6 percent E) 11 percent
73) are informal online communities that come together from time-to-time because of common interests.
A) Social mediaB) Social networksC) UtopiasD) Global villagesE) Hypermedia
74) Among the Internet issues that a practitioner should consider is/are .
A) the Internet is a form of passive communicationB) an online generation gap C) the accuracy of research D) All of the above.E) None of the above.
75) The growth of wireless digital communications technology will make it possible for .
A) us to become more mobile, responsive, and cost-effectiveB) Western industrialized nations to increase their economic advantageC) developing nations to catch up with industrialized Western nationsD) A and C E) B and C
76) A popular collaborative software that allows multiple people to contribute to online content is known as .
A) wikiB) cybersharingC) bluetoothD) wi fiE) RSS
77) When deciding which medium to use to communicate, the authors of your textbook remind you that .
A) new isn’t always betterB) analog is better than digital C) you should always go digital D) the medium is the message E) everyone is on the Internet
78) Most crises are .
A) unavoidableB) time consumingC) predictable D) expensive E) disastrous
79) Which of the following statements is/are true?
A) In both shuttle disasters, NASA suffered from what investigators called “go fever.”B) NASA won public praise for its handling of the Columbia accident.C) NASA learned to communicate better during crises after the Challenger accident.D) All of the above.E) None of the above.
80) The crisis management team meets in the .
A) emergency operations centerB) place where the crisis is occurringC) central command postD) media information centerE) executive suite
81) During the 2006 Sago mine disaster, .
A) the mining company president acknowledged that he made a mistakeB) the mining company initially received praise for its crisis communicationsC) the mining did not have a crisis communications planD) A and B E) B and C
82) Exxon Corporation CEO Lawrence G. Rawl .
A) won praise for his handling of the Alaskan oil spill inMarch 1989B) rushed to the scene of the Alaskan oil spill in March 1989C) waited a week before publicly commenting on the Alaskan oil spill in March 1989D) A and CE) All of the above.
83) An indication that public relations is influencing consumer- focused marketing is .
A) the dividing of publics into smaller publicsB) the decline in the use of IMCC) the emphasis on two-way communicationD) A and B E) A and C
84) Traditional tactics in marketing public relations include
A) billboardsB) advertisingC) blogs and interactive web sitesD) All of the above.E) None of the above.
85) An information-bearing experience that a customer or prospect has with a product, service, or the market that relates to that product or service is known as a .
A) saleB) double jeopardyC) pitchD) contactE) message
86) Humor columnist Dave Barry’s comments on North Dakota and South Dakota illustrate how .A) advertising can be more powerful than public relations in an IMC campaignB) the concept of place can send marketing messages to consumersC) consumers cannot distinguish between closely related productsD) names can send marketing messages to consumersE) consumers will not travel far to acquire desired products
87) Umbro was surprised when it discovered that its new running show was named after .
A) a variety of aardvarkB) a mythical sexual predatorC) a body partD) the poison gas used in Nazi concentration campsE) the devil
88) Nemawashi refers to .
A) the Chinese social hierarchyB) a Japanese consensus-building processC) the Spanish tradition of taking a mid-afternoon napD) a Wisconsin-based insurance companyE) the Japanese tradition of exchanging gifts
89) The first step in the cross-cultural communications process is.A) testingB) awarenessC) advocacyD) commitmentE) diversity
90) According to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, measures how well a society tolerates ambiguity.
A) long-term orientationB) uncertainty avoidanceC) masculinity versus femininityD) power distanceE) individualism versus collectivism
91) Cross-cultural communication works best when .
A) employees are required to do itB) an entire organization commits to itC) federal government guidelines are followedD) all of the aboveE) none of the above
92) When a characteristic or quality is assigned to all members of a particular group, this is known as .
A) acculturation B) coorientation C) assimilationD) discombobulationE) stereotyping
93) Expression associated with the normal conduct of a democracy is known as speech.
A) democratic B) republican C) freeD) absoluteE) political
94) The Freedom of Information Act .
A) provides for free expressionB) provides access to most federal government recordsC) applies only to politiciansD) requires practitioners to tell the truthE) opens most federal government meetings
95) Which of the following is not a burden of proof in libel?
A) publicationB) damageC) faultD) defamationE) blame
96) Oprah Winfrey was sued by the cattle industry for allegedly violating law.
A) copyrightB) financial disclosure C) intellectual property D) food disparagement E) libel
97) According to your textbook, the most successful efforts at spreading democracy around the world have been those
A) mindful of local traditions and valuesB) based in good intentionsC) that strengthened the political processD) based on embracing the values that made the United States a great nationE) backed with substantial financial commitment
98) is how the United Nations describes as “the growing interdependence of the world’s people through shrinking space, shrinking time, and disappearing borders?”
A) McLuhanism B) Globalization C) SocialismD) DarwinismE) Populism
99) The effort by companies to be seen as being more environmentally friendly has been called public relations.
A) globalB) eco-PRC) earth-friendlyD) greenE) environmental
100) According to a gender study on job satisfaction among public relations practitioners, .
A) men and women appear to respect one anotherB) women are avoiding menC) men and women viewed their jobs the sameD) men are avoiding womenE) it is a bad idea to have men and women working together

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