Critical analysis

| February 3, 2016

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Paper details:

Critically discuss the quality and role of your reviews using a standard assessment tool suitable for reviews as a framework.To check that you are using appropriate methods, you may submit an assignment plan to the course team for comment. Plans should be submitted on or before 7th December 2015. The plan should be an outline of the approaches to be used and not a draft essay; each plan should occupy no more than approx. 2 pages of A4.

Criteria for Success:

• Critical analysis is required in the summative assignment. It is not a descriptive piece and description should be kept to a minimum. You may need to compare and contrast the work in order to assess its robustness but there should be no mechanistic comparison of the papers.

• The focus is not on the content of the reviews but the strengths and weaknesses of the different review processes (e.g. systematic vs. selective review). Use the papers you have chosen (as well as other material) to illustrate aspects of your knowledge, skills and understanding of evidence synthesis techniques.

• Write in a style of your choosing but be consistent with the use of 1st and 3rd person.

• An assessment of review quality must be made. Provide a rationale for your choice of the quality appraisal tool(s) that you use.

• Demonstrate a breadth of reading. You have access to a range of resources on the course homepage which may help you with this assignment but evidence of wider reading beyond these resources will be advantageous.

Tutor’s comment on draf sent:

*put in aim of assignment

*brief ly discuss both types of reviews.

*Instead of separating out better to discuss with tool as you go along. The assignment is

about comparing and contrasting so easier to do if you do both types of reviews


*using CASP heading is a good way to do it.

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