BA 1605: Assignment #2 Latest December 2015

| August 30, 2017

(BA 1605 HW #2) 1
BA 1605: Assignment #2 (Due: Nov. 30, 2015)
I. Grouping and other rules
1. The same rule for assignment #1 is applied. Please check the general format for the assignment.
Note that each group (or team) consists of 3~4 students enrolled in the same section and the
academic offences are not acceptable. (Especially, don’t discuss with other group about your
answers, even if they are in the same project group.)
2. All assignments will be handed in as a team.
3. As mentioned in the syllabus, you will have a quiz on the same day. The quiz covers the
same contents of the assignment, but the questions may be different. Depending on the
situation, questions from section to section will be different, too. A quiz missed without a
legitimate excuse will be given a mark of 0. For the quiz, it is your responsibility to bring
your own calculator.
II. Assignment #2 (10 points for each question: TOTAL 70 points)
SHOW ALL YOUR CALCUALTIONS including the normal distribution GRAPH.
Note ? Use the normal table only for “positive values” on B-9 in the appendix.
(Do not use the “negative values” on page B-8. If you use the negative part of normal
distribution, there will be 50% deduction applied.)
? You should compute manually all the following questions, except finding the
proportion from the excel sheet in #12-121.
1. #7-8 (p. 222)
(When you compute (x-x?)
P(x), use the 4 decimal-point numbers.)
2. #5-13 (p.169)
3. #8-56 (p.281):
4. (a) #9-24 & (b) 9-25 (p.312)
5. (a) #9-41 (p.318) (Use 4 decimal-point number for the standard error.)
(b) Use the information given in #9-41. If you would like a 95% probability that the
sample proportion is within ±3% of the population proportion, how many male
drivers should you survey at least?
6. (a) #10-27 (p.340) & (b) #10-51 (p.345)
7. (a) #12-93 (p.420) & (b) #12-121 (p.422)
(Use 4 decimal-point number for your calculated values.)
(Note: #12-121 asks about the number of supporters, not the percentage only.)

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