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a) Draw two 100% Stacked Column charts, one chart for age group and the other for vehicle type.

| July 15, 2019

a) Draw two 100% Stacked Column charts, one chart for age group and the other for vehicle type.            [6 marks]  

b) Suppose that an intending purchaser is chosen at random from the 202 people in the survey.  What is the probability that the person  (i) is aged over 50 and is intending to buy a Trendy sports car?  [2 marks] (ii) is aged over 50 given that they are intending to buy a trendy sports car?   [2 marks]   

The Titanic 8 seater car is available in three levels of specification: the basic GL, middle range GLE, and top of the range GLX.  Machine Motors wish to focus their marketing and provide demonstrator vehicles at one of these three levels.  Mr. Danny believes that the single most important factor that determines a purchaser’s choice of specification level is the household income.  He has household taxable income data for 100 potential Titanic 8 seater car purchasers, and he would like you to analyse them (please refer to the Excel sheet: Machine Motors).      

c) Draw a histogram of the household taxable income data using Excel.    [4 marks]  

d) Obtain  the descriptive statistics for these income data.      [2 marks]  

e) Calculate the lower and upper quartiles.  Identify the outliers (if any) and if it exist, list them out. In your opinion, explain why you think the outliers exist. One rule commonly used for identifying outliers is the so-called 1.5 × IQR rule. An observation is suspected to be an outlier if it is more than 1.5 × IQR below the first quartile Q1 or above the third quartile Q3. In other words, outliers will be below Q1-1.5*IQR and above Q3+ 1.5*IQR.    [7 marks]  

f) It is thought that the GL version will appeal mainly to those with household taxable incomes below RM225 000, the GLE to those with household incomes between RM225 000 and RM300 000, and the GLX to those with household incomes above RM300 000. Which version (specification level) of the vehicle should Machine Motors focus their marketing on? 

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