ATMO 170 – Explain how heat is transferred in our atmosphere

| August 31, 2017

1.Explain how heat is transferred in our atmosphere by:

a) conduction

b) convection

c) radiation

2.What is latent heat? How is latent heat an important source of atmospheric energy?

3.How does the temperature of an object influence the radiation it emits?

4.When a body reaches a radiative equilibrium temperature, what is taking place?

5.Why are carbon dioxide and water vapor called selective absorbers?

6.Explain how the earth’s atmospheric greenhouse effect works.

7.what gases appear to be responsible for the enhancement of the earth’s greenhouse effect?

8.In the Northern Hemisphere, why are summers warmer than winters even though the earth is actually closer to the sun in January?

9.During the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, the daylight hours in northern latitudes are longer than in middle latitudes. Explain why northern latitudes are not warmer.

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