Asymptotes of Rational Functions Assignment

| August 30, 2017

Asymptotes of Rational Functions
This week you have studied the graphs of rational functions
and in particular asymptotes.
In photography fixed focal length means that the focal length
is not adjustable. Photographers are unable to zoom in and
out on a particular subject when using such a lens. Not being
able to easily zoom in on a subject might seem like a huge
disadvantage. But such lenses are credited with being able
to produce much higher quality pictures in controlled
In order for a film camera with a fixed focal length F to focus
on an object located a distance x from the lens, the film
must be placed a distance y behind the lens. F, y, and x are
related as follows

Now suppose a camera has a lens with focal length F = 65.
1. Explain what happens to the focusing distance y as the object moves far
away from the lens.
2. Explain what happens to the focusing distance y as the object moves
closer and closer to the lens.
3. In general, why can rational function cross a horizontal asymptote and
why can it not cross a vertical asymptote?

Teaches notes

Hello Class,
Welcome to week 6’s discussion forum! I look forward to the opportunity to interact and learn
with you.
Please be sure to answer all questions and all parts of each question.
Please make sure that at least 80% of your post is in your own words. If you want to quote from
a source (no more than 20%), you need to cite it.
Clearly present well-reasoned ideas and concepts.
Notice:You can rewrite the given equation as:

Use the following link to graph this function and help you answer this week’s
You may need to zoom out to see the graph properly.
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