astronomy questions.

| October 22, 2018

Question 1)Two of Kepler’s Laws destroyed perfection in the heavens. Give me each of the twoaspects of perfect motion and for each, tell me which of Kepler’s Laws destroyed it.Question 2)Give me one of the arguments used against the sun-centered system of Copernicus,and then explain why we today don’t accept that argument as valid.Question 3)The Greeks were being scientific when they thought about their idea of how theUniverse must be put together because when their idea conflicted with reality, they modified theiridea. The three Es of the Greeks were three of these modifications. List all three, and for eachexplain what problem each was trying to fix. [Hint: I’ll normally not do this, but this is the firsthomework. In reading this question, please take note that I am NOT asking what each of the 3 Eswere. I’m asking what issue each addressed. A scientist doesn’t make an idea more complicatedunless there is a reason. Tell me about the reasons why the 3 Es were added to the Greek model.]Question 4)The motion of the sun is the foundation for our day and the (solar) calendar. But getting a solarcalendar is far from easy. A) First tell me how you can use the sun to tell the time of day. B) Now,tell me who has/had the need for a solar calendar and why. C) Nomads historically have not used asolar calendar. Tell me why it would be hard for them to make a solar calendar, as well as why itwasn’t as necessary compared to the people in part B). D) Tell me one way that you can use the sun totell the time of year. E) Finally, what would happen if your culture made a mistake and had the wrongnumber of days a year?

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