Assume you own a small independent bookstore in a large city.

| March 30, 2017

Around 300 to 350 words

Assume you own a small independent bookstore in a large city. You face heavy competition from such chains as Barnes and Noble and from online stores such as

Your clientele is more upscale, educated and intellectual than the customers of most of your competition. You want to build a sales staff and develop a sales program to encourage your clientele to become loyal customers.

You also want to develop a B2B program by selling books and periodicals to the local university’s book store and library.

Consider the following:

Identify the marketing tools and processes that would help to build your business, for both B2C and B2B.
What type of advertising would prove beneficial?
What sales promotions might prove useful to building your customer base and your sales?
What sort of sales staff would you need for B2B and B2C?
What type of sales management would you need?
How would you recruit, train, motivate and compensate your sales staff and manager(s)?

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