Assignment Type: Individual Project

| October 22, 2018

Assignment Type:Individual Project
Deliverable Length:The body of the paper should be 3 pages

Once you have developed
your product/service, you then need to determine how to make it available to
the end user. Using your textbook and the articles from the Databases, develop
a distribution system for the product/service you chose in Unit 1.
The product chosen in unit 1 is the SMART PHONES

Here is the research
requirements and guide for this assignment.
W3 Research.
An overview of distribution channels:
Channel Levels: Direct versus Indirect Distribution
Channel Organizations: Conventional, Vertical, Horizontal and
Multichannel Marketing Systems
Analyze your target market’s needs. Explain what you know about
your target market and what they want from a channel of distribution.
Determine which channel members you will use and explain why
(Indirect: retailer, wholesaler, dealer, manufacturer’s rep, etc. Direct:
catalog, telephone, sales force, etc.)
Discuss how many channel members you will use and explain why
(intensive distribution, exclusive distribution or selective distribution)
Recommend a channel organization and explain why (conventional,
vertical, horizontal or multichannel marketing system)

Your report MUST
include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the
paper. In-text citations and corresponding references should be included in
your paper. For more information on APA, please visit the APA Lab.
The paper should be written in third person; this means pronouns like “I”,
“we”, and “you” are not appropriate. The use of direct quotes is strongly
Your assignment should
contain a cover page, an abstract page and a reference page in addition to the
body. The body of the paper should be 2-3 pages in length – starting with a
brief one paragraph introduction and ending with a short conclusion. The
entire submission will be 5-6 pages in length.

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