Assignment – The Bridgetown Project

| March 14, 2016

The Bridgetown Project

The Bridgetown Police Department serves 21,500 residents in a 4.4 square mile bedroom community bordering a major metropolitan city in mid-west America. They have 42 sworn officers and 10 non-sworn support personnel. The City is led by a City Manager who answers to a 5 member City Council.

The mission of the Bridgetown Police Department is to serve the community with honesty, integrity and respect. It is upon these principles that strong, trusting and lasting relationships and partnerships are developed. The vision of the department includes being progressive while collaborating with all stakeholders to continually improve our community. The core values of the department include; problem solving.

Bridgetown is a very diverse community where 12 different languages are spoken and there are many young families, 40% of the population is 18 years of age or younger. Bridgetown police are known for creative problem solving approaches to quality of life issues that are accomplished through strong community partnerships.

Bridgetown is located in Rivermont County. The Rivermont County School Board operates three schools within Bridgetown. Christie McAuliffe Elementary, grades K-6, John F. Kennedy Middle School, grades 7-9, and Bridgetown High School grades 10-12. School administrators and staff began noticing an increasing problem at the schools, which is also affecting the neighborhoods close to the schools.

Bullying, fights, disagreements and disruptions on school playground’s, in the gyms, and in cafeterias are spilling over into the classrooms and disrupting learning, leading youth to feel unsafe at school. Incidents of truancy are increasing due to fear. These incidents continue beyond school hours in the nearby neighborhoods.

The Bridgetown Police Department and the Rivermont School Board have a strong, long standing relationship built on dedication to youth, however, school officials are concerned these issues will continue and the violence will escalate. The School Board Superintendent has appealed to City Manager and the Police Chief for help in resolving these growing issues. Your team represents the leadership of the Bridgetown Police Department and it is your task to find creative, innovative and forward thinking initiatives. Adopt qualitative data gathering measures to gauge how participants including school staff, police officers and youth felt about the initiative and the success in obtaining the objectives set forth. Lastly, the initiative must have sustainability.

Your timeline is as follows:

Week 1 Question – Paint the Picture: This is brainstorming time. It is critical in brainstorming that you do not engage in serious assessment and critique of the ideas, you just put things out there. What are your initial impressions? How does Bridgetown’s problems compare to your own community or region?

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