Assignment: Susquehanna Bancshares (SUSQ 10 K

| November 28, 2016

Susquehanna Bancshares (SUSQ 10 K

Part A
Obtain the 2013 10K for the public corporation that is assigned to you above and copy and paste any three “Notes to the Financial Statements” (except for the one addressing “Significant Accounting Policies”) that relate to any of the topics such as
Current Liabilities:
1. Accounts payable.

2. Notes payable.

3. Current maturities of long-term debt.

4. Short-term obligations expected to be refinanced.

5. Dividends payable.

6. Customer advances and deposits.

7. Unearned revenues.

8. Sales taxes payable.

9. Income taxes payable.

10. Employee-related liabilities.

Analysis of current liabilities:

Current ratio, Acid test ratio,

Long-term liabilities: Debt to asset, Time earned interest

Analysis stockholders’ equity: Return on stock equity, Payout Ratio, Earning per share, book value per share, diluted EPS,

. You should copy and paste as much of the note as is possible. For each note please indicate the chapter to which it is related.

Part B
Using the same 2013 10K from part A above, complete the following tasks and questions:
1. Does your company have a Deferred Tax Asset or Deferred Tax Liability, or both? How much are they?
2. What was the Income Tax Expense for the year?
3. What is the Income Tax Payable or Refundable for the year?
4. How much Taxes was paid for the year?
5. Copy and paste the disclosure note that relates to Taxation. (Note – not the one that appears in Significant Accounting Policies)
6. Does your company have any Uncertain Tax positions? If so, what are they for?
7. What did you find most interesting about your company’s Tax disclosure note?

Part A and B: on a Word Document

Part C
1. Prepare a powerpoint presentation whose slides should have the answers to questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 of Part B above.
Her is the link of 10 K report:

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