Assignment Sections:

| March 17, 2019

Assignment Sections:

1.        Identify three different changes that can occur in the workplace that will impact the employees.

a.       Reference more than one source, when researching these changes.

b.      Ensure that you understand what impact the change will have within the workforce.


2.       In your own words, explain each of the three changes and the impact on the organization.

a.       Who in the organization will be affected by the change?

b.      Provide one pro and one con for each of the changes.

c.       Suggest why the leadership team would support implementing the change.

d.      Using a metric, justify why this change should be implemented.


3.        Research the different employment laws, summarize one that applies to each of the recommended changes.

a.       Reference and describe the specific sections of the employment law that will support the proposed change.

b.      Apply the employment law to the change and explain how it will improve the workplace.


4.       Research different forces of change and select the appropriate force for each of the three changes. 

a.       Explain the force that is driving the change to occur.

b.      Illustrate, using metrics, how this change will increase the efficiency within the workplace.

c.       Recommend one positive and one negative effect the change will have on the workforce.
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