Assignment Purpose: The Cyberspace is a complex environment

| May 16, 2019

Assignment Purpose: The Cyberspace is a complex environment resulting from the interaction of people, software and services on the Internet, supported by worldwide distributed physical information and communications technology (ICT) devices and connected networks. However there are security issues that are not covered by current information security, Internet security, network security and ICT security best practices as there are gaps between these domains, as well as a lack of communication between organizations and providers in the Cyberspace. This is because the devices and connected networks that have supported the Cyberspace have multiple owners, each with their own business, operational and regulatory concerns. The different focus placed by each organization and provider in the Cyberspace on relevant security domains where little or no input is taken from another organization or provider has resulted in a fragmented state of security for the Cyberspace. (BS ISO/IEC 27032:2012) 
 In this coursework, you are required to produce a report, which is designed to allow you to explore you’re the environment of Information systems and cyber security in an organisation. You are expected here to provide a systematic review of the literature and answer key questions given through the lectures.

At the end of this review you are expected to provide the followings:
1-    Issues learned from the literature review 
2-    Argumentations emerged from the literature review 
3-    How the theory is linked to practice?
4-    The importance of organstaion gonvernece for Information systems and cyber security

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