assignment in java program in NetBeans the deadline is Friday 5.00 A.M

| October 22, 2018

This programming
assignment deals with stateful servers that maintain global state information.
Compile and (“javacCounter* java”) in
Figures 5.31, 5.32, and 5.33 in Liu’s textbook. Run the
server then a client several times. Does the counter increase with each client?

Modify CounterServerl
.java and CounterClientl .java so that the counter increases by 2 with each
client. Rerun the client and server and check the outcomes and documented in
your documentation.
In a NetBeans project
provide the code for a connection-oriented server and client for the counter
protocol after you compile it and run it.

In addition
to the NetBeans project which includes source codes of your program, using
Microsoft Words, please provide a user documentation file that includes:

A report which clearly describes the design of
your software.
Logical flow diagrams which describe the
logical flow structure of the software and the logical flow diagrams for all
the methods, functions, and procedures defined in the software. (Use Microsoft
Visio and include the diagram in the user documentation Word document )
Description of any input files to test the
application. (a file with valid data and a file with invalid data)
A detailed instruction of how the program can
be compiled and executed.
Screen shots of execution sessions using valid
inputs and invalid inputs.

5.31, 5.32, and 5.33
of these figures are in the bottom.




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