Assignment: Design the Training Plan for Tesco LLC; Use ADDIE Model

| November 9, 2018

Assignment: Design the Training Plan for Tesco LLC; Use ADDIE ModelUsing the ADDIE model, design a training plan based on the findings and training outcomes revealed in your TNA. (Tesco LLC) Include a brief paragraph describing the organization and training issue. The training plan should include the following, at a minimum:Analysis—Discuss organizational and training goals and objectives, the target group, and the KSAs that should be expected of learners, which the training will address.Design—Determine program format, length of training, and method of delivery. What will be the costs, and what resources will be needed from the organization?Development—Outline what will be included in the program materials and activities. Consider communication tools, modules, learning aids, and assessment/evaluation tools.Implementation—Give specifics on how you will implement and deliver training. Include any “train-the-trainer” pilots and plans for training.Evaluation— Describe how you will evaluate this training in terms of effectiveness. Explain how training will be assessed and evaluated. Address how overall training will be evaluated.

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