Assignment: Analysis of Existing Technology

| April 4, 2019

Assignment: Analysis of Existing TechnologyReconsider the organisational problem you indentified in the Unit 1 Individual Assignment.Describe the existing technical resources employed by the organisation that are factors in the problem you are studying. If appropriate, present a graphical representation of the use of IS technology.Analyse the organisational resources you found in terms of their contribution to the problem being studied, and their potential to being incorporated into the options you are considering for a proposed solution.Present a perspective of this organisation’s current and prior use of these technical resources. Based on what you know and can learn about the organisation’s past, compare its current application of technology and view of emerging technology with its historic behaviour. In other words, consider if the organisation’s current approach to emerging technology seems like new behaviour, or if there is a history of a consistent attitude and approach towards new technologies.Notes:You should fully state and justify any assumptions that you make. Be sure to include all references as well.This Individual Assignment forms the basis of Section 2 of your Final Project (the feasibility study). You will receive feedback on this work from your Faculty Member, and will be expected to incorporate any suggestions into the Final Project.Your submission (excluding appendices) should be approximately 1,000 words (+/- 10%) in length.*I have uploaded Unit 1 Individual Assignment

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