Assignment 9

| September 14, 2020

1) The Globe
Please check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is a title, then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about the image and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of this document as it relates to the theory in the text.
Go to The Globe. Locate Guatemala (in North America). Take a look at the photograph for Tikal Ruins and the corresponding link. This structure is on the list of Forgotten Wonders of the World. Millions of people each year visit this site. This brings in much need money to the economy, but it also endangers the site as people try to steal a piece of the structure, they mark up the site with carvings of their initials or graffiti, they leave trash behind, and just the sheer number of people walking on the floors and touching the artifacts wears them down.

What issues need to be addressed to preserve wonders such as Tikal from destruction?

2) Japan
Carl was pleased that he was invited to a company party shortly after his first assignment to Japan, since he was eager to experience the Japanese culture as much as he could. At the party, everyone was expected to entertain. Even the senior managers got up to sing a little song or to tell a joke. Carl recited part of Edger Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” in mock serious tone. After the party, Carl was asked to go along with a group of Japanese to one of their favorite bars, where he was introduced to some women who worked there.

Carl thought that he would enjoy this sojourn. People seemed so informal and cooperative, not like the stuffy people he had read about before coming to Japan. At a meeting shortly after the party, Carl found himself in the same room as several of the co-workers and senior managers who were at the party and who had contributed to the merriment of the evening with their songs and stories. One of the senior managers mentioned to Carl how much he had enjoyed “The Raven,” since he had been exposed to it in school. Keeping his informality in mind, Carl used the meeting as an opportunity to present a proposal for an aspect of company policy that he had been developing ever since his arrival in Japan. When Carl brought up his proposal, however, he was met with a wall of silence. After the meeting, Carl was noticeably not made a part of the typical series of informal exchanges in which people engage as they leave a meeting.

” Relate what the text says about a Culture’s Influence on the Business Context to this scenario. Explain


the link is for question number 1

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