| September 2, 2016

Some companies succeed through diversification. Another strategy is to focus on a single core competency. Companies such as Google focus on doing one thing and doing it well.

Based on your reading and analysis of the Google Inc. case study, identify the two most important principles and concepts from this week’s reading that are relevant to issues in the case study. Argue why these concepts are relevant, and how the application of these concepts could affect the future strategy of Google Inc.

Reading materials

Course Text: Kim, W. C., & Mauborgne, R. (2015). Blue ocean strategy: How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant (Expanded ed.). Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

For review: Chapter 2, “Analytical Tools and Frameworks”
Chapter 3, “Reconstruct Market Boundaries”
Chapter 4, “Focus on the Big Picture, Not the Numbers”
Chapter 5, “Reach Beyond Existing Demand”

In these chapters, Kim and Mauborgne outline the initial steps in employing blue ocean strategies.

Eisenmann, T. R., & Herman, K. (2006). Google Inc. Boston: Harvard Business School Cases. Access this case study from

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