| September 4, 2016

In at least 250 words describe How have relativity, quantum mechanics, and other twentieth-century innovations in theoretical physics undermined the classical, Newtonian model of physics? Have the frontiers of science been pushed so far that only a small handful of people can truly understand the most recent discoveries and concepts of the scientific world?

Accurately and effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to present material in a historical context.
Investigate and evaluate historical information from global, social and ethical perspectives to guide decision making.
Convey historical information by writing and speaking clearly and appropriately for different audiences and with an appreciation of diverse viewpoints.
Engage in history as a moral and ethical practice, recognizing a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.
Cultivate historical habits of mind, apply historical precedents to contemporary developments, remain open to historical interpretation as an incomplete process, and develop self-reflection to mitigate bias.

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