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1500 words
2nd January

Please read the entire document carefully. The report should be of 1500 words using the concept “Strategy Diamond” and also uses company’s details like Performance Summary, Income Statement, Balance Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Product Contribution, Marketing Details, Distribution Details , Manufacturing Details.
*Include Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Tables, Figures, Data sheets, Diagrams etc

Task Description:

Assignment is related to identifying and justifying your strategy for your firm moving forward. Word count maximum 1500 words
Developing a strategy for your firm is a key part of success in the StratSim environment and in real life business operations. Your strategy will serve as your firm’s “roadmap” throughout the simulation. A strategy consists of an integrated set of choices. Use the framework below as your guide to create all the elements of a business strategy.These choices relate to five elements managers must consider when making decisions: (1) arenas, (2) differentiators, (3) vehicles, (4) staging and pacing, and (5) economic logic. These groups of elements, are central to the strategic management process – “The Strategy Diamond”, A visual of this can be found on the course moodle site.
Most strategic plans focus on one or two such elements, often leaving large gaps in the overall strategy. Only when you have answers to questions about each of these five elements can you determine whether your strategy is an integrated whole. You are required to consider the following 5 elements in your assignment 2 in an environmental scan and analysis of your firm using the tools in the course. You need to complete the following
1. analyse using the Strategy Diamond
2. use at least TWO of analytical tools to further analyse the environment
3. identify and summarise the gaps in the firm
4. build objectives
5. formulate a strategy
6. offer options and then decide on a recommendation for the future .
Be specific and offer your contingencies:
Title page, executive summary, references , tables, figures and diagrams do not count in your word limit
Assessment Criteria:

The assessment criteria for this item comprises of :
1. Assessment of the internal and external market environment (20%) SWOT Porters and other tools
2. Application of themes and theories related to and including the use of literature to justify strategic direction and choice using the strategic diamond (20%)
3. Application and justification of relevant strategic choice and direction for the future (20%)
4. Evaluation of constraints and limits to strategy (20%)
5. Calibre of argument and critical insight to defend or justify the decision (10%)
6. Written communication and referencing standards (10%)

Strategy Diamond:

When assessing your firm your can also consider the strategy diamond.
Please submit your strategy organized by the following elements of the strategy diamond.
• Arenas (where will you compete and why?)
• “Vehicles” (how will you get there?)
• Differentiators (how will you win?)
• Economic Logic (how will you make $?)
• Staging (what are the steps?)

For writing the report you have to consider company’s Performance Summary, Income statement, Balance statement, cash flow statement, Product contribution, Marketing Details, Distribution Details , Manufacturing Details

About our Company:

Name : Cupid (Car Manufacturing Company)
Vehicles: Camini, Cafav, Climax

Performance Summary:

Income Statement:
Balance Sheet:
Cash Flow statement:

Production Contribution:
Marketing Detail:
Distribution Detail:
Manufacturing Detail:
By using all these suggest strategy for our company.

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