Assignment 2: The Position Assessment Paper

| March 14, 2016

Assignment 2: The Position Assessment Paper


The most important aspect of your WKPL experience is to work on the
WKPL activities that you established in your Learning Contract. The
following covers the second of the six academic assignments that you
will prepare for your WKPL experience.

The intent of this assignment is for you to develop an assessment of
the work you are performing during the program and to relate your
position to the goals and objectives of your work organization as well
as to your own career growth.

Many of us simply do the work we are assigned when we are on the job.
This assessment paper is intended to make you aware of what other
members of your organization are doing. You should know whether you
are performing the main function of your organization or performing in
a supporting role. You should understand how your role fits within the

To better understand different roles in an organization, consider the
following positions in an electronics systems company. The first
position is that of a design engineer in the Manufacturing Department.
The engineer is directly contributing to the main function of the
company by working on the design of the product being manufactured.

The second company position is that of manager of Facilities
Management. This person does not directly contribute to the company’s
manufacturing function but supports the other personnel by providing
the environment in which the Manufacturing Department operates.

A third position is the manager of Facilities Management Computing.
This person provides computer support for the group that supports the
manufacturing process. In this case, the manager of Facilities
Management Computing has a different set of objectives from Facilities

Each of the positions is important to the well-being of the
organization, but the roles and objectives of each position differ.


During your experience, you should be analyzing the type of work you
are performing and how that work fits within the objectives of your
work organization.

Your paper should be at least two pages in length and it should
describe how your work relates to:

your supervisor’s objectives
his or her supervisor’s objectives
the organization’s goals and objectives
the manner your current position fits into your overall career goals

There is no formal format for this paper. It is the student’s
responsibility to present the requested analysis in a format that both
addresses the issues and is easy for the Faculty Mentor to understand.
The paper should be submitted as an assignment in LEO.

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