Assignment 2: Case Study Purpose:

| March 17, 2019

Assignment 2: Case Study 
Purpose:  The purpose of this case study is to integrate the understanding of two developmental theories with a practical example. Within this integration is an identification, analysis and evaluation of major life themes with the inclusion of strengths and challenges faced by a fictional character.  
Process: Select a character presented in a book, television or film at a major life transition (leaving home, wedding, parenthood, retirement) and briefly summarise the context in which the character becomes known.  Write a case study that summarises the major life themes identified in the book, television or film, and apply theories of development to analyse the life stage, the strengths and challenges  faced by the character, using two developmental theories presented in this unit (other than those applied in Assignment 1. Please also refer to the list of Developmental Theorists in Assignment 1 when choosing the two developmental theories for this assignment). Draw on a range of unit and other relevant references. 
Your Case Study will need to address: 
• Case study written and is inclusive of the naming of major life themes in the chosen source 
• Identification of the chosen character with a brief summary of the context in which the character is introduced 
• Identification of key aspects of each of the two major developmental theories and application of these theories to an analysis of the life stages of the character, including the strengths and challenges faced by the character 
• Reference to current literature and integration of relevant theory into your discussion referenced APA style including retrieval statements

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