Assignment 2: Calibrating Global Media Integration

| September 13, 2016

Assignment 2: Calibrating Global Media Integration

The challenge of global promotion is not simply to communicate across culturally diverse country markets, but to also achieve integrated marketing messages among the different media forms used to reach targeted customers.

Select a European domestic country cosmetics company and brand fromBusiness Week’s “Best Global Brands” issue (or another European cosmetics brand source). Create an inte.doc#_msocom_1″>[a1]grated global media plan for the company and brand. In creating the plan, take into account U.S. cosmetics market characteristics and media strategies of rival brands.

In your plan, include the following components:

Identify specific U.S. market media for communicating the European cosmetic brand message in four formats – print, broadcast television, in-store display, and online.
Plan to achieve both rational and emotional message appeals by designing different message content for each of the four media formats.
Explain how your integrated global media plan calibrates a unified message.
Write your plan as a 4-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style.

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Selected four types of media outlets for the selected European cosmetics brand and explained choices


Determined marketing message content to achieve rational and emotional appeals


Determined marketing message content for each type of media outlet


Explained how the media plan calibrated a unified marketing message


Participated in the discussion by drawing conclusions about the results of others’ research, specifically, and by asking questions, providing statements of clarification, providing points of view with rationale, challenging points of discussion, or making relationships between one and more points of the discussion


Applied the correct APA style, usage, grammar, and punctuation




.doc#_msoanchor_1″>[a1]This is key to the assignment..Make sure you select the Company and the brand from “best global brand”..or another European cosmetic brand source..

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