Assignment 1 is an individual assessment.

| May 16, 2019

Assignment 1 is an individual assessment. You will plan and manage the project as well as investigate and document its systems requirements. For your Assignment 1 submission, you will produce a report that discusses the project based on your understanding of it and the related investigation results through the tasks given. Resources are provided to students to complete their Assignment 1. Start by downloading the file “Case Study for Asg 1″ and subsequently download the Specification For Asg 1” from home page of this Unit. All students are required to submit following three file (not in a zip format). Report file in .doc/.docx format Gantt Chart (in .mpp format) Feasibility Analysis worksheet file (in Excel) Additional Resources like “Asg 1 Template File” and a “Good Sample” and “Poor Sample” are provided to guide the students to complete their work. Case Study For Asg 1 and Task Specifications For Asg 1 are provided on the home page of COIT20248. Asg 1 Template File Asg 1 Sample (Good Samples) – Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Asg 1 Sample (Poor Samples) – Sample 1 Sample 2 ITS NOT SURE ABOUT REFERENCE STYLE

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