Assessment Task

| March 17, 2019

Assessment Task: ‘We all have to mix concrete from time to time but it helps to know we’re building a cathedral’ (Cole, 2013) Meaningful work drives people to perform. Motivation that is intrinsically driven results in higher performance. Using theories to build an argument discuss how managers should design jobs that engage their employees to create meaningful, motivating jobs. Assessment Instructions: This assessment requires you to write a persuasive essay and in doing so, engage in theoretical analysis and research in respect of that analysis. In the process of planning and drafting your essay, you will need to respond to the assigned question by thinking, reading and writing your way to a considered position/stance, or thesis statement. The thesis statement is expressed as one or two sentences in the introductory paragraph of your essay, and supported in the body of the essay by a series of topic sentences, one in each paragraph. Each topic sentence is in turn supported by evidence and examples from your readings and research, reflection, observation and analysis. The structure of your essay requires the following: An introduction that:  sets out the context/background of your argument;  introduces the content of the essay; introduces the theoretical perspectives you will be using;  may define key terms (alternatively you can do the work of defining terms in the second paragraph);  sets out your thesis statement/line of argument/central contention; and  explains how the essay will be organised (order of points). A body containing several paragraphs, each of which will:  present a topic sentence or central idea supporting your thesis statement/line of argument/central contention;  contain developing sentences which extend on or amplify the topic sentence;  give evidence/examples/references that support/relate to your topic sentence; and provide a concluding/linking sentence. A conclusion, which:  restates your thesis statement/line of argument/central contention; and summarises the points and evidence you provided to support your thesis. There are several academic stylistic conventions you should follow when writing your essay, including: Using standard English and avoiding American spelling. Writing in the third person.  Avoiding slang terms, clichés and colloquial expressions. Avoiding gender bias and sexist language.  Avoiding emotive language.  Being direct – use the active rather than the passive voice.  Being concise.  Using 12pt font and double spacing.  Including sources that provide a variety of perspectives of the theories you have selected using high quality academic peer reviewed journals from the field of OB. The expectation is that you will have 15 references (or more) cited, of which at least 10 must be sourced in outstanding scholarly management journals ranked A* or A by the Australian Business Dean’s Council (ABDC) Journal Ranking List, 2013 Avoiding the use of references from non-academic sources (e.g. magazines, internet, newspaper, general management books).Keeping to the required word count.  On the title page including your name; student number; Unit Identity (e.g. GSBS6004); assignment number (e.g. Assignment 1); word count; submission date (indicating if extension granted). Do not put assignment questions on the title page.  On subsequent pages, inserting your name, student number, assignment identification (e.g. GSBS6004 Assignment 1) and the page numbers in a footer (except the title page).

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