Assessment Description

| May 16, 2019

Assessment Description This assignment involves designing and writing up a research proposal in response to the project brief provided (see attached file) NB this assessment task does not involve doing the research or developing a campaign. The proposal must include the following information letter of transmission title page (title to be maximum of 10 words) table of contents proposal summary (200 word maximum) introduction (includes aims and rationale) statement of research problem (ie your research question/s) background (literature review using a minimum of 10 sources) theoretical/conceptual framework for the study proposed research design and methods (you can draw from data collection techniques discussed in topics 1-4 or beyond) schedule Researcher bio (description of research team) sample budget ethical issues and study limitations how you will address them conclusion (linking projected outcomes back to the requirements of the organisation) list of references (following the Harvard referencing style) appendices (this may include list of proposed survey or focus group questions or coding frame for example). Please consult Chapter 3 of the prescribed reading for Topic 6 as a guide. You are required to select at least one (1) data collection technique covered in the first four weeks of the study guide (survey, focus group or content analysis), providing information such as how participants/your data sample will be chosen and design limitations. Marking Criteria What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment: Ability to conceptualise, plan and design a research project and present it as a research proposal Evidence of having situated the proposed research relative to the professional, social, economic and cultural context that it responds to. Clear connection of the research proposal to the client brief and intended outcomes. Ability to identify, gather and retrieve scholarly and other information for conceptual framework and literature review, relevant to the proposed study. Capacity to correctly reference a range of literature and information sources following the Harvard referencing system Use of databases, library catalogues and the internet to find relevant and credible sources Ability to undertake independent research Use of appropriate language, spelling, grammar and written expression Identifying and addressing relevant ethical concerns of the proposed project

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