Assessment Assessment 2: Individual Assignment – 40% Description recommended

| March 29, 2017


Assessment 2: Individual Assignment – 40%


recommended word length


Introduction of the company operating in a country, the nature of its business and any other relevant facts



Provide a PESTEL analysis of the chosen company operating in a country



Provide a Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the chosen company in its competitive environment



General conclusion / recommendations for the company based on the external analysis


Choose any company of your choice operating in a country. The company can operate in the international environment or in the domestic environment. The company can be from any country. Note: Please do not choose SIA or any other airline company.

Provide an external environment analysis of the chosen company as part of strategic management report based on details shown in the table below. Your report is not limited to but must include all factors stated below.

You must use terms found within the study of management. You are encouraged to look up various textbooks and journals to further explore these terms and to gain additional knowledge on management to develop your knowledge and the quality of the assessment.

Total no. of words


(+/- 10%)

You are required to consult and correctly reference a MINIMUM of 10 different sources of information.You must use the APA Referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text, and as a reference list at the end).

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