Assessment 2 – Genre portfolio

| February 1, 2016

Assessment 2 – Genre portfolio
From the source document (provided online), repackage the material into three different genres. You are NOT critiquing the source document, giving your opinion on its content or adding further information from research. Your aim is to keep the integrity of the original document but repackage it into three different genres with its message intact.
There are four sets of component for this task:
1. change the original source into three other genres
a. an A5 double-sided fact sheet
b. two page magazine spread
c. web page (showing 3 levels)
2. Briefly explain (dot points and headings) the audience, purpose and context for each of the three genres chosen.
3. 500 word theoretical reflection discussing the design issues you faced in changing the material from one form to another. Theorise these issues, and the decisions you made, with the help of your course readings. Use at least three course references.
4. Include a reference list in Harvard format of theoretical sources to provide backup for your positions. Include here any other references for images or further information that you used.
You will need to submit your assignment in a zip or compressed file. The three genre documents must be in PDF and your theoretical reflection must be a word document.

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