Assessment 1 is designed around the review of a Case Study

| May 16, 2019

Assessment 1 is designed around the review of a Case Study from a current large-scale public private partnership hospital project that aims to create a modern health-care facility in South Australia. This assessment comprises of four parts: 
Part A: 600 Words Introduction summarising the procurement context (life cycle journey and where the project is currently), uncover complexities (and key issues), discuss project environment and organisation aspects, leadership and governance and how that has influenced the current situation.  
Part B: 700 Words  Identify key risks, mitigations and possible learnings.  Where learnings have wider implications, identify how those learnings may require changes to roles and responsibilities of key project resources, changes to procurement briefs or specifications, scope and the procurement process itself.  Identify dependencies and common themes. 
Part C: 600 Words  – Summary of key findings and also identify best practices for procurement and contracts management (in particular PPP procurement) and explore roles of project and procurement managers in ensuring successful delivery. 
Part D: Nominal word limit of 500 words. The Reflection Journal summarises the student’s ideas and thoughts and key aspects pertaining to Module 1 and Module 2 including any key aspects picked-up as a result of the review of the Essential and Highly Recommended Learning Resources and critical self-assessment of how some aspects may apply to student’s current or future roles

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