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The U.S. Constitution has been amended _____ times.fivethirteentwenty-sevenfifty-twoQuestion 2. Question :In the case State v. Beciraj, the husband and wife defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit arson. It was difficult to prove the crime becausethe defendants never started a fire.the husband did not agree to the arson.the wife was not present when the fire occurred.the insurance on the property had lapsed.Question 3. Question :Which of the following would violate the Equal Protection Clause?A sheriff stops only people of Hispanic origin to check immigration papers.An airport has separate restrooms for men and women.A landlord refuses to rent an apartment to a homosexual couple.A woman registered on a dating website only considers African-American men as possible partners.Question 4. Question :The purpose of tort law is toprotect society.compensate victims of wrong doing.provide a safe way of getting even.discourage bad conduct.Question 5. Question :Notice of a lawsuit is generally accomplished through a procedure known as:Service of ProcessPersonal jurisdictionMinimum contactsForum choiceQuestion 6. Question :Justin is a famous professional athlete. The Daily News publishes a story which discloses that Justin gave syphilis to his ex-girlfriend, which he did. If Justin sues the Daily News for defamation, he will probablywin, because this would injure his, because this has nothing to do with his status as an athlete.lose, because he has no damages.lose, because the statement was true.Question 7. Question :Aaron, an avid football fan, gets a black eye when he attends a game between the Packers and the Giants. While he was waiting for a beer, an attempted field goal hit the upright, bounced off and hit him in the face. If Aaron sues for negligence, he will probablywin, because the stadium should have screened the, because the football caused his black eye.lose, because he doesn’t have an injury.lose, because he assumed the risk.Question 8. Question :The type of law produced by bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Internal Revenue Service is known as:Regulatory lawLimited lawConcurrent lawAdministrative lawQuestion 9. Question :According to the text, which of the following is the “supreme law of the land?”The law enacted by CongressRulings of the Supreme CourtThe U.S. ConstitutionThe State statutory lawQuestion 10. Question :If a state enacted a law that made it illegal to sing the national anthem of other countries, such a law would violate the ______ of the U.S. Constitution.Commerce ClauseFirst AmendmentDue Process ClauseEqual Protection ClauseRoyal Hotel Inc. orally orders 100 standard sets of sheets from Textile Inc. for a price of $500. Textile immediately sends back a written invoice with the details of the conversation. Royal and Textilehave an enforceable contract unless Royal objects within 10 days.INCORRECT have an enforceable contract unless Textile objects within a reasonable not have an enforceable contract because it was an oral not have an enforceable contract because Royal never signed the invoice.Question 2. Question :A simple contract need(s)tobe entered into by a person, not a business.not include an offer and acceptance.not be signed by the parties.Question 3. Question :Beta Inc. offers to buy 25 screwdrivers from Industrial Hardware for $75. Industrial responds, “We have the screwdrivers you wish to purchase, but the price is $80.” Beta replies, “No, we can find them cheaper somewhere else.” Industrial now responds, “We accept your offer of 25 screwdrivers for $75.” Do they have a contract?No, Industrial’s counteroffer terminated Beta’s offer.No, Beta never made an offer since shipment terms were not included.Yes, Beta made a firm offer.Yes, Industrial was merely attempting to negotiate.Question 4. Question :Royal Hotel Inc. verbally orders 100 sets of sheets and pillowcases, each to be embroidered with the chain’s coronet logo, for $1,000, from Textile Inc. Textile starts on the order and has completed 45 sets when Royal calls back and cancels the order. Which of the following is true?There is no contract; Textile never accepted the offer.The contract is unenforceable; it falls within the UCC Statute of Frauds.The contract is fully enforceable; this is the part performance exception to the Statute of Frauds.The contract is fully enforceable; this is the specially manufactured goods exception to the Statute of Frauds.Question 5. Question :Daniel offers to sell his Toyota Camry to Jen for $8,000. Jen replies, “I accept. Make sure you wash and wax the car before you bring it over.” Which best describes the situation?There is a contract; Daniel must wash and wax the car.There is a contract, but Daniel does not have to wash and wax the car.There is no contract; Jen made a counteroffer.There is no contract unless Jen is willing to take an unwashed car.Question 6. Question :Alpha orders 100 Grade A widgets from Beta. Beta does not have any Grade A widgets in stock, so it ships Alpha 100 Grade B widgets instead. Which of the following is true?Beta has made a counteroffer.Beta has accepted Alpha’s offer.Beta has breached.Two of theseQuestion 7. Question :Petra contracted to paint Bret’s house for $2,000. After beginning the job, Petra realizes that the house is really quite big, and she’s not going to make enough profit, so she tells Bret she wants another $500 to finish the job. Bret doesn’t want to pay more, but he’s afraid that if she walks off the job, he’ll have trouble finding someone else to finish it, so he agrees. Is Bret legally obligated to pay the extra $500?Yes, if Petra does finish the paint job.Yes, this is a contract under the UCC.No, Bret made an illusory promise.No, Petra had a pre-existing duty to paint the house for $2,000.Question 8. Question :If an offeree attempts to add different terms in an acceptance, which conflict with what the offeror statedthe terms cancel each other out.the offeror’s terms govern the contract.the offeree’s terms govern the contract.the offeree’s terms govern the contract unless the offeror objects.Question 9. Question :Merlin posts his car for sale. Breanna calls and leaves a voicemail, saying, “Hey, I definitely want to buy your car! I’ll pick it up tomorrow, okay?” Which of the following best describes the situation?There is a contract, because Breanna has accepted the offer.There is no contract, because Breanna did not use a proper form of acceptance.There is no contract, because Breanna made a counteroffer.There is no contract, because Merlin never made an offer.Question 10. Question :Delta Inc. offers to sell Omega Corp. a packaging machine. Omega responds “We’ll take it but only if there is a six-month warranty.” Which of the following is true?There is a contract, and Omega has a six-month warranty.There is a contract, but Omega does not have a six-month warranty.There is a contract unless the warranty term is a material change.There is no contract.Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate based on an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in any term or condition of employment.TrueFalseQuestion 2. Question : An employer has a duty to indemnify, or compensate an employee for any losses suffered as a result of authorized legal acts that the employee performs under the employment agreement.TrueFalseQuestion 3. Question : A fiduciary relationship is where one owes another a very high standard of loyalty and care, including the duty to look out for the other’s best interest and the duty to give notice of anything the other might reasonably wish to know.TrueFalseQuestion 4. Question : Under Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Actthe Catholic Church is required to ordain women for the priesthood.TrueFalseQuestion 5. Question : The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1986only protects men and women over age 65 against discrimination because of their age in hiring or promotion.TrueFalseQuestion 6. Question : Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act also applies to employers who employ less than 15 persons for a maximum of 15 hours per week during the year.TrueFalseQuestion 7. Question : Jose’s mother, Margaret, named Jose as her financial power of attorney so that Jose could endorse her checks, pay her bills and take care of her finances. The day after Margaret died; Jose found Margaret’s retirement check in her mail. Jose endorsed the check as Margaret’s power of attorney and deposited it into Margaret’s sole account. Jose’s actions were:appropriate because Margaret gave him a financial power of attorney.illegal because Jose’s authority as power of attorney ended upon Margaret’s death.appropriate because he was acting in Margaret’s best interest.illegal because Jose was not acting in Margaret’s best interest.Instructor Explanation: @Feedback: The answer can be found in Section 12.2 Termination of Agency: Death or Loss of Capacity, in the text.Question 8. Question : Which of the following is required to have a valid agency?The agent’s consent to actThe principal’s agreement to compensate the agentA contractNone of theseInstructor Explanation:@Feedback: The answer can be found in Section 12.1 Agency: Agency Formation, in the text.Points Received: 0 of 1Question 9. Question : The U.S. Constitution protects private sector employees through provisions for equal protection and due process.TrueFalsePoints Received: 0 of 1Question 10. Question : Among other things, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 regulates minimum wage hours worked and overtime, employees’ breaks and child labor.TrueFalseMark, Matt, and Janina have a partnership. Which of the following will dissolve it?Without authority from her partners, Janina contracts to have the partnership offices completely redecorated.Matt commits a tort within the scope of partnership business.Vernon is added as a partner.Matt is in a car accident and paralyzed from the neck down.Question 2. Question : Brian is the 99% shareholder, president, and director of Arapine Corp. He frequently uses the corporation credit card for his personal expenses. If Arapine is insolvent and unable to pay its debts, and the corporation’s creditors sue Brian personally, what is the likely result?Brian is liable because he is a 99% shareholder.Brian is liable if he, as president, made the contracts with the creditors.Brian is liable because the court will pierce the corporate veilBrian will not be liable.Instructor Explanation: @Feedback: The answer can be found in Section 13.2 Corporations: Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporations, in the text.Question 3. Question : Which of the following is NOT involved in doing business on behalf of the corporation?PromotersDirectorsOfficersShareholdersQuestion 4. Question : Generally, the law presumes that the renter of an apartment willfix a leaky faucet.fix a leaky roof.give at least 60 days notice that he is the apartment to prospective buyers if the building is for sale.Question 5. Question : Jake moves into an empty house. The owner lives down the block, and sees Jake coming and going periodically. Before Jake moved in, the house was often vandalized, but Jake seems to be taking care of it. After 20 years, the law declares Jake to be the owner of the property. This is an example of:AccessionAn easementAdverse possessionAn implied tenancyQuestion 6. Question : Cary, Dean, and Madeline are partners in a furniture store. Madeline wants to buy some antiques from an upcoming estate sale. Dean thinks it’s a good idea, but Cary says it is too pricey. Madeline goes ahead and buys the antiques. Which of the following best describes the situation?All three partners must agree on the furniture purchase.The estate can hold the partnership liable, but Madeline has breached her duty to the partnership.Cary will not be liable to the estate on the antiques contract.The partnership and all three partners will be liable on the contract for the antiques.Question 7. Question : Tamsyn is a promoter for Akers Inc., which is in the process of being formed. Tamsyn makes a contract with Lyle to rent warehouse space for Akers. Once Akers is formed, the board decides to buy a warehouse instead of renting. Who is liable to Lyle?TamsynAkers Inc.The board of directors for Akers Inc.All of theseQuestion 8. Question : Isabel invents a new type of exercise shoe, which she calls the “Super Soul.” To protect the name of her product, Isabel should get a:PatentCopyrightTrademarkLogoQuestion 9. Question : Personal property is defined asportable which is owned by an which is fixed in an which is attached to land.Question 10. Question : Carmen tells Jason, “I just found out I have cancer and I probably only have a month to live, so I’m giving you my oil painting, ‘Flowers in a Vase’.” Jason commiserates over her impending death, thanks her, and takes the painting. This illustrates:A gift inter vivosA gift causa mortisAn irrevocable giftA revocable giftTwo of these

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