ASCM 626- Appellate Opinion Research Project

| June 14, 2018

Appellate Opinion Research Project
(Week 4)

(double spaced) with Reference List:
*Locate and analyze an appellate court case opinion (state or
federal) directly related to the course objectives. See the “Think like a
lawyer” framework in the Classroom.
* Explain why you chose this specific case.
* Identify and analyze the issues raised by the opinion, and
discuss how the opinion relates to one or more of the course
objectives. Include a discussion of the historical context of the case,
and practical implications for practitioners or policymakers.
* Locate and discuss any expert commentary (e.g., law review
articles) regarding the opinion and any prior or subsequent opinions or
articles that relate to the opinion in question.
* Discuss any public policy issues raised by the opinion.
* State and defend your agreement or disagreement with the outcome
of the opinion and defend your conclusion.
* Key issues raised by the opinion should be analyzed in depth,
with detailed attention to historical context and practical implications for
practitioners or implications for legislative or executive policymakers.
* You must cite your chosen case and any other cases in the proper
legal citation format as we studied early in the course.
* References supporting the description or analysis must be
specifically and correctly cited in accordance with APA standards. Multiple
references should be used where appropriate.
* References should be specific down to a level of section or page
numbers of the source, and not a URL. The accuracy and precision of
citations will be graded.
* The paper must be submitted through, and
adjustments made to obtain an acceptable score.
* Your work product should demonstrate effective written
communication and graduate level writing, and should comply with the basic
formatting and citation requirements of the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association, 5th Edition. A table of contentsis optional.

Grading Rubric: Four areas of grading are identified. Each of the first
three areas will count for 30% of the overall grade. The fourth area will count
for 10%.
The research paper overall counts as 20% of the grade for the
entire course. See the Grading Rubric posted in the Classroom.

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