As noted in the HI6026 Unit Outline, the Individual Assignment task document is now available on Blackboard.

| March 17, 2019

As noted in the HI6026 Unit Outline, the Individual Assignment task document is now available on Blackboard. Please refer to the “Assignment and due dates” section in this unit. You can download a copy of the document for your own personal use. There are two (2) documents uploaded. The first document is the actual Assignment Question, which includes: the due date, no. of words, the topic, the requirements and questions you will need to consider to complete the assignment. Note that assignment submissions which exceed the word limit (2,500) will be penalised. Furthermore, all students should proof-read their assignments thoroughly before submitting their final version on Blackboard. If you have any questions or if you are unsure of the high standards expected from tertiary level academic writing tasks, you are encouraged to enrol in an Academic Skills workshop at your campus or consult your lecturer for assistance. Please note this is an individual assignment. Any collusion, copying, purchasing of assignments, using a “ghost writer” or any other identified forms of plagiarism will be severely penalised and the offender(s) subject to academic misconduct charges. The second document is the 2017 Woolworths Ltd Annual Report. This has been provided to assist you in understanding the assignment requirements before you attempt your individual assignment. Note you must select another ASX Listed company to complete the assignment task. You are not allowed to use Woolworths Ltd for your assignment. You must select another ASX listed company. In order to understand, the assignment requirements, you can perform a very simple “Control F” keyword search of the 2017 Woolworths Annual Report. Search words like; “audit”, “Independence” , “risk”, “audit opinion”, “Key audit matters” etc as a quick way of locating where the important auditing related parts are located in the Annual Report. You will also be assessed on your ability to research. You are encouraged to read news articles from recognised business journalists and other credible academic sources, which will provide additional information and critiques of the listed company you have selected. You can refer to credible and professional news sites, such as: “”, “” or “” to begin your research. There are also resources available at the CPA Australia website. Finally, you are encouraged to start working on your individual assignment early. If you have any questions or if there is anything which is unclear, please consult your local campus lecturer ASAP. Students should always seek help early to deal with problems and issues on a timely basis. Andre Houang CPA Unit Coordinator (Sydney)

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