As an HR professional, you have been asked to analyse

| March 17, 2019

As an HR professional, you have been asked to analyse the current situation in the company and advise the President, Bob, on how to address the current challenges with his management team.  He is keen to create a cohesive management team who are confident and capable of leading their teams to success.  Bob is open to suggestions, however, he is mindful not to overcomplicate things. He is looking for 4 key recommendations to implement in the short term that will help to unlock the potential of his managers.  He also wants the recommendations to be suitable for the managers to improve the performance within their own teams.

1.       Evaluate the organisations current approach to HRM.  Support your analysis by applying the principles of best practice HR and its impact on organisational strategy.

 2.       Analyse the external and internal factors affecting the organisation.  Ensure your answer includes reference to at least one ethical challenge pertinent to the case study when considering the approach to people management. 

 3.       Identify and explain the role of line managers in sustaining a high performing team to drive organisational success. 
 4.       Recommend 4 HR related initiatives that Bob should consider in the short term, to create a management team capable of leading high performing teams. 

 5.       Use of relevant structure,layout and Harvard referencing.

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