As a newly appointed Human Resource Manager

| September 12, 2019

As a newly appointed Human Resource Manager for your chosen UK-based organisation, you
have been tasked with leading on the restructuring of the department as part of organisational
The Human Resources (HR) department will be restructured based on the findings of a review
report, which you have been asked to complete. You are to review the effectiveness of the HR
function within the organisation, researching the role and scope of HR and reviewing and
assessing the main HR functions within the organisation. This has to be submitted as a case
study report.
The case study assessment report should cover then following:
1. An overview of the organisation.
2. An explanation on the purpose of the HR function and the key roles and responsibilities of the HR
3. An assessment of the approach to workforce planning, recruitment and selection, development
and training, performance management and reward systems.
4. The approach to and effectiveness of employee relations and employee engagement, and
comment on the adoption of flexible organisation and flexible working practice and ‘employer of
5. Analysis of the internal and external factors that affect Human Resource Management decisionmaking,
including key areas of employment legislation
6. An application of the Human Resource Management practices in a work-related context.

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