| January 28, 2016

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In this assignment you will work individually within this forum.
Each student must choose 2 articles from the 8 listed (links are below).
Each article describes some form of deviant behavior or some gram of deviants that can be
Your job is to apply as many valid criminological theories to the deviant(s) or criminal behavior
as you can.
Within this forum you can discuss the assignment, your articles, and the theories you intend on
You may use other outside materials/research but you must site your sources.
For example, if you choose the article on Tiger Woods’ infidelity and you find a source that says
Tiger has the supennale gene (XYY), you may choose to apply the chromosome theory to his
deviance and support this theory with your citation. Some articles lend themselves to more
research than others.
Each student will compete to name and apply the most theories for the 2 articles they choose.
For each article, the student that applies the most theories with valid explanations wins!
Only valid and supported theories will be accepted and count toward your total.
Theories can only be used once per article unless further explanation is given.
Ifthere is a tie between 2 students, I will judge the s‘ubmissionson the clarity, creativity, and
general applicability of the theories used.
In addition to your grade on the assignment (5% of final grade), up to 10 extra credit points on
the first exam will be avgagded to the winning students. Your work in the forums may also be
recognized with additiofifal’extra credit points, at my discretion.

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