Article for analysis

| May 7, 2018

Article for analysisWrite an essay that analyzes the Harvard Business Review article by Peter F. Drucker – ManagingOneself. In writing the essay, you should show that you have answered the five questions:1) What are my strengths?2) How do I perform?3) What are my values?4) Where do I belong?5) What should I contribute?“Managing Oneself” by Peter F. DruckerFile 772.1KB PDF documentYour paper as a whole should be in essay form, including reasons and sub-reasons, and should have acoherent organization to it. Your writing should be such that the impact on the reasoning of youranswers to the questions is clear. When you identify and discuss ambiguous terms and phrases andvalue and descriptive assumptions, it should be clear to the reader (me) how your analysis andevaluation influences the reasoning structure; that is, show how any ambiguity or assumptioninfluences how you might react to the reasoning.Plan ahead! Be proactive!You may DISCUSS the article with one another (my value preference of cooperation over competitionfor the brainstorming part of paper); but your WRITING of the paper should represent ONLY YOURWORK (value of competition/autonomy over cooperation for the actual written expression of thepaper). Note: Plagiarism of another’s written material

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