| April 2, 2019

FIELD ASSIGNMENT 3 SURVEY YOUR FRIENDSGoals and Skills: Students are asked to apply specific concepts, happiness theories, or research findingsthey have learned in class to life experiences and specific out-of-class activities. Using a concept in a newcircumstance as well as connecting sociology to other relevant material in students’ lives allows forgreater student understanding.Specific Instructions: For this assignment, you are to survey 10 people about their levels of happinessand report your results in a table showing each respondent and their answer to each question. Thisassignment emphasizes quantitative research, so ask each of the following questions to all 10 people,and discuss your results. On a Scale of 1 to 10, generally how happy are you? How many times did you smile or laugh yesterday? On a Scale of 1 to 10, how happy have you been over the last year?Show your full results in a table, but DO NOT simply include the table of the results. Writesubstantively about the results, reflect on the patterns (Race? Class? Gender?), and relate findings toclass material. Also, please omit real names or other identifying information about your researchsubjects. This is a good research practice to adopt now.Substantive Discussion/Debriefing: On the class day after the assignment is due, there will be an inclass discussion about this assignment. Students should be prepared to talk about their paper.DUE: A digital copy should be uploaded to D2L into correct folder by 12:59pm on the due date(exact dates are noted on the syllabus under Course Calendar and Assignments).Feedback: Students will be given numerical grades using the rubric below:FIELD ASSIGNMENT GRADING RUBRICPOINTVALUE11111 POINTSRECEIVED GRADING CRITERIACovered subject of assignment/stayed on topicIncluded at least ONE direct quotation from a class reading that was appropriatelycited using an ASA-style in-text parenthetical citation (Author Year: Page#)Clarity of writing style/ease of readingGrammar and spellingFormat (typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 page minimum, 2 pp. max)TOTAL SCORE (Out of 5):

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