Argumentative Essay – State whether the argument is deductive

| September 14, 2018

Write a 3-5 page (800-1300 word) essay that gives 2-3 arguments of your own on your topic . *In order to give an argument, I expect you to i) state the argument in premise-conclusion form , ii) state whether the argument is deductive or inductive, iii) explain how the premises support/prove their conclusion, iv) give the reader some reason to think that your premises are true. Regarding iv), this can be done in a number of ways. For example, you might cite some statistics or you might consider an actual or hypothetical scenario that illustrates the truth of a premise. If you show that your argument is strong/valid and provide good reasons to believe that your premises are true, you will have given a good argument. You can use the book to find some helpful deductive/inductive argument forms (e.g. Modus Ponens/Tollens, Disjunctive Argument, Statistical Syllogism, Argument from Analogy, etc.)Sources: I would prefer you to choose arguments from newspaper, magazine, or journal articles. If you would like to use a book or an online source (not including online newspapers, magazines, etc.), please check with me. Predictably, Wikipedia articles are not permitted for this assignment.Documentation Style: MLA, APA, or whatever you are comfortable with. My only request is that you are consistent.Format: Double Spaced. 12 point normal font

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