arcadia BA344 assignment 1

| January 30, 2017

Assignment – Market Research

Due date: As per Syllabus

Assignment details

Here are some websites that contain statistical data pertaining to the US

· US Census Bureau”>

· Bureau of Labor Statistics”>

o American Time Use Survey Data”>

o Consumer Expenditure Data”>

· National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data”>

o National Vital Statistics Reports”>

o Bureau of Economic Analysis .gov/index.htm”>

Once you have looked at these datasets, this is what you have to do.

1. Look at these datasets and identify a subject/table/item that is likely to be of interest to a marketer (E.g. Marriage and Divorce rates, child birth rates, literacy levels, consumer expenditures, time spent on social media, time spent on traditional media consumption etc.)

2. Download/copy pertinent data related to the subject you have identified.

3. Identify a foreign country (preferably a developing or third world country)

4. Research and obtain comparable data (comparable to the US data you compiled in step 2 above) for this foreign country you selected.

5. Present both sets of data along with all the sources you used to obtain the information.

6. In 1 page please describe your experience in obtaining data for the foreign market and what learning did this assignment bring about for you. Also mention in this write up what country and what item/subject did you pick for this assignment (and Why).

What you are NOT allowed to do in this assignment

1. You cannot select a region/group of nations for this assignment (ASEAN, EU, CIS, Africa etc.). You will have to pick an individual country for this assignment.

2. You cannot pick Mexico or Canada for this assignment.

3. You cannot use data from a third party aggregator (like World Bank, organizations under the UN – UNICEF, WHO etc.). You will have to use ONLY the country specific sources to obtain data. (E.g. If you pick Kenya for the assignment, you should obtain your data from sources specifically from Kenya, not from World Bank, CIA handbook etc.)

Have fun with the assignment! Let me know if you have any questions

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