apu mgmt315 week 1 Assignment -1

| September 29, 2018

Assignment InstructionsInstructions:Chapter 5 discussed some of the challenges that we encounter when trying to communicate across different cultures. Marketing a single product or service to several different cultures is a great example. Please complete exercise 5.4 at the end of chapter 5:Search for international ads on YouTube using key words such as, “cell phone ads China” or “Domino pizza in India”. Compare them to a similar ad created in the United States. Answer the following questions:1. What are some differences you see in the advertisement?2. How do they inform about the cultural values of the commodities shown in the advertisement?While this is not a formal paper, I do expect your answers to be grammatically correct. While your opinions should be part of this response, you also need to incorporate information from the reading as well as outside sources. You should have a minimum of 2 sources (including the text), please remember to put your sources in proper APA format using both in-text citations as well as a reference page at the end.Please submit your response in a Word document attached to this assignment. While there is no minimum page requirement, I expect your answers to be thorough and well written. Please do not just list the question and then list the response. I would like to see the questions incorporated within your answers in a well written short essay.

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