apu ISSC641 week 4 assignment

| April 14, 2018

Assignment #4: You may search these questions or part of them on the web resource links available under “Additional Web Resources for Telecommunication & Network Security.pdf”. If you do so, you must provide the reference to the resource as well as cite in your answers with (author, year, and page or paragraph number(s).1. What is a softphone?2. List four typical active attacks against Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). Briefly describe each one.3. What are some of the security concerns in the Internet Control Management Protocol (ICMP)?4. Which wireless technology does not operate in the 2.4Ghz frequency range?a. IEEE 802.11ab. IEEE 802.11bc. IEEE 802.11gd. Bluetooth5. Routing information is encrypted using which technology: a. S-ATM (Secure ATM)b. Link encryptionc. IPSecd. File Transfer protocol (FTP)6. List at least five SMS attack types. Could SMS attacks cripple a mobile phone network? Why or why not? Explain.SubmissionTo submit your assignment, enter text in the Submission Text box below and/or attach one or more file

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