apu hrmt201 Project 2 Needs Assessment

| October 22, 2018

Assignment InstructionsNeeds assessment diagnoses present problems and future challenges to be met through training and development. Organizations spend vast sums of money (usually as a percentage on turnover) on training and development. Before committing such high resources, organizations would do well to the training needs of their employees. Organizations that implement training programs without configuring needs assessment may be making errors.The main objective of evaluating the training program is to determine if they are accomplishing specific training objectives that are correcting performance deficiencies. Below are potential goals of training that must be evaluated:1. Training validity: Did the trainees learn during training?2. Transfer validity: What has been learned in training, has it been transferred on the job enhanced performance in the work organization?3. Intra-organizational validity: Is performance of the new group of trainees, for which the training program was developed, consistent with the performance of the original training group?4. Inter-organizational validity: Can a training program validated in one organization be used successfully in another organization? These questions often result in different evaluation techniques.Directions: Complete a draft of a potential mini training session where you have identified a specific need and determine how the session will be evaluated. You can also create a table, chart or a diagram to express your ideas. The assignment length will vary depending on the method of presentation you choose.Supporting Materials

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